• The Query Database (SQL) Plugin has a new parameter called rowsAffected. This optional parameter holds the number of rows returned from the database.
  • Fixed an issue displaying nested properties of variables, like file.name or file.contentType.
  • Fixed an issue where formatting was not correctly applied to placeholders in templates.
  • Fixed an issue for copy/paste operations in the Workflow Builder.



  • Issue Resolved: A bug that prevented the proper setting of the content selector for the Knowledge Base Source has been fixed.



  • Improved user input validation for the Intent widget



  • Fixed an issue where sometimes deleting a custom Workflow variable was not possible.
  • Fixed an issue where removing an e-mail Connector from a Workflow was not possible under certain circumstances.
  • Data that has already been entered is now preserved if creating an OAuth Connector fails.



  • Fixed an issue where testing an Exchange Online Connector after changing its Client Secrets did not show correct results.
  • Fixed an issue for copy/paste operations that included the Set conversation path Plugin.
  • Improvements for the Call REST web service Plugin to support uploading multiple files.



  • The Query Database (SQL) Plugin now supports reading multiple rows. You can enable this feature during the Plugin configuration.
  • Introducing Virtual Workflows! With Virtual Workflows, there’s no need for designing the Workflow. Instead, they reference another fully designed Workflow, which can even be located in a different Project.



  • Do not allow to import source with already existing filename


  • New Settings for User Input: The Placeholder setting has been relocated from the User Input Modifier to Custom Input Validation.
  • New Theming Option: Introducing ‘Streaming Speed’ with three options: Normal, Fast, and Instant. This setting controls the speed of text generated by GPT.
  • Enhanced Streaming: Improved streaming functionality now supports multiple bubbles for a smoother experience.
  • Improved Initial Text Serving Logic: The logic for delivering the first text message within a story when user consent is required has been enhanced.



  • The Query Database (SQL) Plugin reads more than one row if the select statement queries only one column. All rows are put into a variable of type collection for further processing.