• A Copy & Paste mechanism is now available in the Workflow Builder. The selected elements can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into another Workflow. Workflows from other projects can also be the target of the paste operation.
    • The Copy and Paste options can be accessed via the right mouse button. When pasting, a window opens up to create mappings of Workflow elements.
    • Some elements have the option to be imported or created. When choosing the Import option, the element gets linked to its origin. This provides benefits for future paste operations to easily map to already imported elements.
      The Create option does not maintain this link to its origin.
    • Please be aware that the content of Sub-Workflows is NOT copied yet! You will only get an empty Sub-Workflow which needs additional configuration.
  • New Plugin: Get URL parameter
    With this Plugin it is possible to read the value of URL parameters. For example, Workflows triggered by Chatbot can read parameters from the sessionUrl event variable.
  • Selected links are better highlighted in the Workflow Builder.
  • If multiple Workflow elements are selected, a partial auto-align option is available via the right mouse button. Only the selected elements are auto-aligned.
  • Fixed an issue where the Connector that triggers the Workflow was not visible in the sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue where creating variables from within the Set variable value Plugin was not possible.
  • Fixed an issue where the re-run button for Timer triggered Workflows was only visible in the protocol list but not on the detail page.



  • Using data scraper service to scrape the content from the urls
  • New Knowledge Base Source type: URL | PDF

  • Added option Playwright to simulate real browser during scraping the data from the url
  • Added option to Re-Sync from URL



  • Fixed slow typing bug of the streamed messages



  • Do not load Webchat if the theming request fail
  • Fixed bug: translating the placeholder for the User Input


Data scraper

  • First deployment of data scraper service.



  • Fixes and improvements for Workflow variables of type json.



  • Workflows triggered by a Timer Connector can now be re-run from the Workflow Protocol list.
  • Fixed an issue in the Workflow Protocol where sometimes the order of the Worksteps was not correct.
  • The scope filter in the Workflow Protocol does not reset when moving to the next Workstep.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Decision Steps chained together were not resolved correctly during Workflow execution.
  • Several performance and stability improvements.


Messaging API

  • Fixed sending dynamic list buttons options.



  • Adjust text representation of location variables.



  • Fix an issue where the Usage tab on the API endpoints page did not work correctly.